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GoogleMap Control in panel Visibility="false"

Nov 22, 2010 at 1:40 PM


I have 2 panels on a UpdatePanel:

1ª. I have a GridView, SqlDataSource with filter's an colunm reorder. When i select one register of grid, i change visibility of this panel to false an set true the second panel.

2ª. In this panel i have multiple label´s and textbox whit one Google Map Control.

If i disable (clear) the UpdatePanel, all run fine. The Google Map Control show correct in the postback action of select in GridView.

But if i enabled de UpdatePanel, When i select a row in GridView, Google Map Control not show.


I test put a new googlemap Control with Height=0 and Width=0 in the first panel (init visible) and select one row, the map of second Panel show correct.

¿¿ It's a bug ??

Thansk for all,

Eduardo Arenas