Problem with markers in IE

Mar 11, 2011 at 2:14 PM

Hello, ive added GoogleMap control to

The markes shows in chrome and Firefox as it should, but it only shows sometimes in IE.(tested both 7 and 8)

Can anyone help me with what i am doing wrong?

    <artem:GoogleMap ID="GoogleMap1" Key="ABQIAAAAvQcRk_wP93bLyzez2bokdBQt5Vls9A5YpbfpTQJbKPUsgVGVzxRgpSQRDb-aLT7NJU2HjV8oodvnvg" EnableScrollWheelZoom="false" runat="server" Width="986px" Height="700px" Latitude="59.052654" Longitude="10.019403" Zoom="16"><MarkerStyle Clickable="true"/>
<Markers><artem:GoogleMarker OpenInfoBehaviour="Click" Latitude="59.049271" Longitude="10.021811" Text="Fritzøe Brygge<br/><a href='/1'>Vi besynger av Herman Wildenvey</a>">   <Icon Url="/images/MapMarkers/map1.png" Anchor-X="25" Anchor-Y="25">     <Size Width="25" Height="25" />   </Icon></artem:GoogleMarker>

<artem:GoogleMarker OpenInfoBehaviour="Click"  Latitude="59.048998" Longitude="10.022771" Text="Fritzøe Brygge<br/><a href='/2'>Hyss av Rolf Jacobsen</a>">   <Icon Url="/images/MapMarkers/map2.png" Anchor-X="25" Anchor-Y="25">     <Size Width="25" Height="25" />   </Icon></artem:GoogleMarker>


This is the way the markes are added

Mar 30, 2011 at 9:48 AM

Ive also tested this in ie 9 and same problem there. The map does show somethimes it loads with the markes and sometimes it doesnt...

Im using GoogleMap Control 5.0.  Anyone please?

Site url is


Mar 30, 2011 at 4:11 PM

To fix the problem u just need to add the following code:


<script type="text/javascript">


var justForIE = document.namespaces;