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GoogleMap Control 6.0 and code behind

Nov 12, 2011 at 8:04 AM


Working on GoogleMap Control 6.0 beta I was focused on:

  • moving to GoogleMaps API 3 and .NET 4;
  • refactoring the javascript code and flexible way to include just what is used;
  • finishing and improving the client and server side events;

In current release 6.0 beta, I obviously left an inconvenient code behind usage functionality.

Working on release 6.0 final my goals is to keep the new extendable way for adding layers on the map and bring back the convinient (old) way adding markers, polygons, polylines, directions in code behind.
Till then, you can add GoogleMarkers, GooglePolygon, GoolgePolyline, GoogleDirections etc, in the code behind same way as you adding dynamically controls.
So, after creating them and setting the desired property values, don't forget to add it to the controls tree collection (Controls property) of the page.

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