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Using Googlemap API 6.0

Mar 13, 2012 at 3:20 PM

I just updated from the version to 6.0.11322.1118.  The main reason for doing this is that there isn't a need for an API key with this version.  That requirement was due to my hving to move my website to another server and now the Google Map doesn't work because the key is wrong.

I am having a ton of problems with the newer versions of the API.  I first tried version 5.0 this morning; had problems; upgraded to 6.0; have the same problems.

The following code doesn't work.  The error is that GoogleDirection isn't a known element:

 <directions><artem:GoogleDirection RoutePanelId="route" Query="" /></directions>

Also, in my code behind, this code doesn't work:

Me.GoogleMap2.Directions.Item(0).Query = query

At the top of my Code I've added:

Imports Artem.Google.UI

Imports Artem.Google.UI.GoogleDirections




just to be sure. Also, I would like to add the Googlemap to my VS 2010 toolbox.

Thanks in advance,


It says that Query is not a member of Artem.Google.UI.GoogleDirections