Persistance on update panel

Sep 19, 2008 at 10:12 AM
Hi ,
I just have no words but its a really nice job, Its seems for me is the only solution that it works inside the update panel, you know has  lost the lat and  lng, there exists another upgrades to fix that?Velio seems to be so busy always, is a nice guiy, but it seems to be a busy guy for me that only thing that i work its your solution its work fine.
I did the same sample just replaces for a Hiddenfiels insted of inputs and it worlsjust perfect.
Remember the Sample Clientsideupdate?, this work better
But I have an issue I have a masterpage  and i dont know where put the 




I have a page inherits from a master page and there no exist <body>(PlaceHolder)
You Know that I'm talking about, please help me with this, Velio and  Clement, they said that thay have a solution but they never answer
for my your solution its the only solution that I  have success proven.

Jose Pineda