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External Link makes Info Window visible

Dec 6, 2008 at 4:01 AM

I have a list of addresses on a page external to google maps & the same addresses embedded from server-side in the Google map Control. What I am trying to get it to do is when you click the external address link it makes the adjacent Info Window popup, I have done this before with a different google map control see the "Highlight on Map" link at (though it was a bit messy) but am unsure if theres a easier way to do it with this google map control.

Heres a portion of the server-side code Im using:


foreach (var line in query){
    GoogleMarker marker = new GoogleMarker();
    marker.Address = line.Address.Address1 +
" " + line.Address.Address2 + " " + line.Address.Address3;
    marker.Text =
"<h1>" + line.OutletName + "</h2><h3>" + line.Address.Address1 + "</h3><h2>" + line.Address.Address2 + "</h2><h3>Ph: " + line.WebPhoneNumber + "</h3>";
    marker.OnClientClick =
"selectDiv('dl" + line.OutletId + "')";
    marker.OnClientInfoWindowClose =





Thanx in Advance