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Coordinator's open letter

Jan 12, 2010 at 1:32 PM
Edited Jan 12, 2010 at 1:34 PM

Hi all there,

My name is Velio Ivanov and I’m the coordinator of this project.
Recently I’m more often asked about quick support and implementing some changes.
So concerning that here is what I have to say:

I will  continue my work on the project, it is not abandoned.
Just I’m too busy recently and I had some holidays after all.
As all of you, I’m full time employee and I share my free time between my family, my personal projects and my open source projects.
But, after all, I enjoy my work on this control and for sure I will continue my work on it (don’t ask me how, but some day I will find some free time :-) )

So, not because the project is open source, but mostly I’m too short in free time, I cannot provide fast and quality support.
And that’s not the main purpose of this project.
If you need and looking for a fast and a quality support, then my advice would be to you go to some commercial alternative, and pay for a product like this one.
Then you will be able to expect a fast and quality support against your money spent.

Otherwise, if you like and want do the stuff by yourself, even customizing the control entirely for your needs,
feel free to get the source code and change it to whatever you want.
I don’t care if you even earning money on that (unless you get billionaire – joking of course :-) ).
As you can see, all the source code is published here, even some of the old versions are branched and kept.

At the end, please, be understanding and give me some time.
I like to help and support when I have time, I have nothing to hide and keep as a secret.

I will appreciate any feedback, bugs found or fixed, you sent to me, and any contribution you give back to the project.

Happy New Year and Happy Coding.
Best Regards,