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GoogleMap Control traffic sample

Before going further, I suppose you have installed the GoogleMap control to your web application/project.
Also make sure you have obtained a Google Maps API key for your web application.
You can do so on next url Google Maps API - Sign Up

For the basics of how to add control to the page, set with and height, google maps api key, zoom etc.,
check out the common samples' page
  • Setting up google map traffic service
In order to set up the traffic service of the google map you have to use the new property of GoogleMap control - ShowTraffic.
By default it is switched off (ShowTraffic = false), to switch it on add property ShowTraffic with value true.
<artem:GoogleMap ID="GoogleMap1" runat="server" Width="800px" Height="600px" Key="ABQIAAAAyWjvj4t-s3JAHKCxqTvdRBRoUE3SabIoCOlXH37AOeIM5tsddhRFlUSAS7McYP97vBv9hxsuEq7lWw" 
Latitude="40.652513" Longitude="-73.936615" Zoom="12" 

That's all folks.
You can take a look at a working sample of all the code above here

Happy coding ...

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